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Simplified Billing

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Understanding your bill shouldn't be complicated

That's why we’ve upgraded your bill format to make it clearer and easier for you to understand.




  • An easier to understand one-page summary
  • A clear breakdown of cost by mobile, landline, broadband, and TV
  • More ways to pay your bill
  • The first page of the bill will be sent in the post. A full copy is available online via E-billing


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for e-billing


  • Visit the E-billing portal
  • Follow the instructions to create an account and link all your FLOW services.
  • Click "go paperless" to receive your E-bill.


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There are many convenient ways to pay your bill:


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A summary of your usage will be shown on your paper bill. Any allowances not shown on the paper bill will be available to view online via the text file. Simply log into your E-billing account to view.
Yes you can pay directly via credit/debit card via your E-Billing account, the MyLIME app, by calling our contact center on 811 or at any FLOW retail store.
For each account, you will receive an email with a bill summary to your chosen email address. You will receive one email per month for each service account/bill that you have gone paperless with. So if you have linked 5 different services to your account, you will receive 5 email bill summaries. The arrival of these emails will be according to the billing date of each service, cycle; therefore all 5 may not come at the same time.
Please check to see that you are not blocking emails from the FLOW email address. If you are not blocking emails, please call the contact centre for further assistance on 811.
The new format of the FLOW paper bill will only be available to residential customers at the moment. As a business customer you will continue to receive a PDF of the old paper bill format.
Yes, you can. Once you are online you are able to access your E-bill summary in your email on any device and from any location. Likewise, with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, once connected to the internet you can log into your E-billing account.
FLOW hopes that you will enjoy the convenience, timeliness and ease of the E-billing, however if you opt to go back to a paper bill, please call the contact centre on 811 to make the request.
  • PDF version – This can be viewed using Adobe Reader
  • CSV download – This can be downloaded to your personal computer as a *.csv ( comma separated value ) file
  • Text document (.txt) download
Each paper bill includes all services associated with a single account number. All of the services associated with that account will be shown on the bill.
You will need to login to your FLOW E-billing account to view balances of reward points.
You will need to login to your E-Billing account and view the text version of your bill to view rollover allowances. If you don’t have an online account setup you will need to create a new account .
Yes you can view 3 months of bills via the MyLIME app . You’ll need to have an E-Billing account first and download the app onto your smartphone.
You’ll receive via email a bill summary, which will show just the first page of your bill. To see the full bill you will need to log on to your MyLIME account where the bill can be viewed and/or downloaded.
Yes it will. However you can use E-Billing to view your bill in PDF, csv, excel and text formats. Any information not displayed on the paper bill will be available to view on the text file online.
You’ll need to set up an account with E-Billing. You can choose to opt out of receiving a printed bill in the post by clicking ‘Go Paperless’.
FLOW E-Billing is the paperless, convenient, and eco-friendly way for you to receive your monthly bill(s).
The first page of your bill will be sent in the post, which will summaries your charges. A full copy of your bill is available online via E-Billing
No, customers will not be charged for receiving a paper bill.
We are always looking at ways to create a better customer experience and through talking and getting valuable feedback from customers we have identified the need to provide a more clear and understandable bill.