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LTE stands for 'Long Term Evolution'. It is a radio access technology used to deliver superfast data speeds across a mobile network.

We have 100% coverage Superfast 4G LTE across all three islands. That’s everywhere.

To get Superfast 4G LTE, you'll need a LTE compatible device, an LTE SIM and take a MyPlan 3GB (or more) data Bolt-on.

If you don't already have Superfast 4G LTE (if you have, you'll be able to see 'LTE' on the top left hand side of your screen), you'll need to:

Check your iPhone has software version iOS 7.1 or higher. You can check this in your General Settings > Software update.

Visit one of our stores to upgrade your SIM to a new LTE compatible SIM. It's a simple swap

3G and 4G are earlier mobile data technologies which have slower download and upload speeds. Superfast 4G LTE is built on new infrastructure specifically designed to carry data and as a result provides download speeds up to 4 times faster than earlier technologies.

4G LTE is the fastest mobile data network in the world. Download speeds can reach up to 100Mbps. It’s like having a fibre-optic cable in your pocket.

Once you have used the TravelPass data allowance, they will receive notifications alerting them to the end of bundle, and then further charging will be charged at the normal data roaming rates from the customer’s core balance.

500 MB – dedicated bundle for exclusive use in select markets (47) (see list below), consisting of 500 MB of mobile data only; available for 7 days from date of subscription.

Customers who have sufficient balance can purchase a TravelPass using one of the following ways –

  • Dialing *134# from a prepaid Flow SIM will present the subscriber with a menu of plan choices and response commands to complete the subscription process. Customers need to dial *134*6# to subscribe to the TravelPass 500 MB data plan, or choose option #4 from the *134# menu.
  • Dialing *129# from a prepaid Flow SIM will present the subscriber with the general menu. Customers will choose “PLANS”, then “ROAMING”, then “TravelPass”, and then can select the plan.
  • Using the MyFlow smart app from a Flow prepaid sim, customers can find TravelPass plans under “PLANS”, then “ROAMING”.
  • Purchasing from the online portal at

TravelPass is a new mobile data plan that allows customers to purchase 500MB of data that can be used in 47 countries around the world, for a 7-day validity period. Travel abroad while paying the cheapest data rates enables subscribers to stay connected with their world.

Both the BlackBerry Passport and MyRoaming Plans can coexist together. However, the BlackBerry Passport Plan will be used first.


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