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- FMIP (Find My I phone) bit needs to be removed in order to initiate the repair process unless you will be charged $75.00 if found to have this locator still on.

- A $75 fee applies to inspecting Apple devices, if it is determined the fault is not covered under warranty. This is not the cost of repair.

- Flow is not responsible for the unauthorised use of your personal data or loss of any user data or settings in a device sent in for assessment or repair. We recommend you back up all data prior to sending the device for repair and wipe the device of personal information or reset the device.

- Please do not send any accessories, your memory card and SIM with your device.

- Liquid or impact damaged phones are not covered by warranty.

- You must come for your device within 60 days of being notified to do so. After 60 days the device will be disposed of.



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