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For the cheapest rates in the Cayman Islands to call over 100 countries including Jamaica, North America, Europe, India and the Philippines - any network - simply dial from your prepaid phone or choose "Buy Add On" in the My Flow App. Flow Terms & Conditions apply.

Get the calling minutes you want, while saving money. We have introduced local voice plans so you can now get the minutes you want, while saving money. Activate a Voice Plan by simply dialing or scroll up this web page to view Quick Activation codes.

Data is when you use the internet on your phone and Flow Prepaid Plans are the cost effective way to save customers money. You can surf the web, send an email, update your social media or watch your favorite TV programme, while saving money. Apps also take a slice out of your data allowance especially apps like news, location, and social media so activate a Data Plan by simply dialing and select the plan that's right for you or scroll up this web page to view Quick Activation codes.

We have created Prepaid Voice & Data Bundles to give more talk time and more megabytes for the best value in Cayman. Activate a Voice and Data Bundle Plan by simply dialing or please scroll up this web page to view Quick Activation codes.

Your credit can expire within 90 days or up to 365 days, depends on the value of your credit balance. See below table for details -

Credit balanceExpires in
$5 to $9.9990 Days
$10 to $19.99120 Days
$20 to $49.99180 Days
$50 or More365 Days

Your prepaid mobile account status will remain in an active state once you top-up before your credit expires. You must add a minimum of $5 credit. Each top up will re-set your credit balance expiry.

You will see a low balance (no credit) message if:

  • Your credit has been used in full (zero balance) or
  • Your credit has reached its expiration date

When your account is in low balance state you will be able to receive calls and text messages, be able to recharge your account, and contact customer care or emergency numbers.

You can re-activate your account by topping up.

If you do not top-up/recharge your account within 90 days after being in low balance (no credit) state, the account will expire.

Top Up your phone with Flow Credit at a Flow Store, online at, download My Flow App or at any Flow partner location which include supermarkets, gas stations and top-up kiosks.

If you prefer to have flexibility from your mobile phone and like the idea of controlling what you spend, then a Prepaid phone is perfect for you. This is the easiest way to get the talk and data when you need it. All with no credit check and no annual contract. Visit a Flow Store to purchase a prepaid SIM card, Top Up with Credit and you're ready to go.


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