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The international voice bolt-on can be used to call all international destinations with the exception of the following: Antarctica, Ascension, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cuba-Guantanamo, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Norfolk Islands, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Syrian Arab Republic, Vanuatu (Republic Of), as well as, Inmarsat - C, Inmarsat- GAN, Inmarsat- A ATLW, Inmarsat INAC SKY, Inmarsat- Unified BHSD, Inmarsat, Satellite - Thuraya, Satellite Iridium 8816, Inmarsat- B GAN HSD, Inmarsat- A ATLE, Satellite Iridium, Inmarsat INAC SKY, Inmarsat- A PAC, Satellite- GMSS, Iridium LLC, Inmarsat- B- Land, Inmarsat- M4 HSD, Inmarsat - A- IND, Inmarsat- Unified Aero.

Toll free calls are not covered by the plan minutes.

Yes, customers will need to pass the standard credit check to take out a ‘Flow Value Plan’.

Once the plan is setup in store you will have immediate access to your allowances. Services provisioned mid-month will attract a prorated fee for the first month and the full charge for all preceding months thereafter. SMS and Voice benefits will also be prorated.

You can sign up at any Flow Retail store or online, scroll up to the "order" button on this page.

Yes, just complete our Online application form and one of our sales agents will be in touch to complete the sales process. A single visit to one of our stores will be required to allow us to validate your identity and also to make a deposit payment if required as part of our credit vetting process.

You sign up for a base plan of your choice which includes an allocation of local minutes to call any network, anywhere local texts, local mobile data and our base roaming plan that includes a separate allowance while roaming in the USA, UK, Canada and Bahamas. You then have the option to tailor your plan to include additional minutes, texts and data dependent on your own requirements.