MyPlan is our mobile services available on postpaid (monthly bill). You sign up for a base mobile plan which includes an allocation of local minutes, anywhere texts and local mobile data. Then you can tailor your plan to include additional minutes, texts and data dependent on your own requirements. The allocations included in MyPlan are available for use while in the Cayman Islands.

The MyPlan Base is the starting point for building a plan to suit your needs and wants. It is the minimum requirement that you have to purchase to become a postpaid mobile customer. MyPlan Base has a set allowance of minutes, texts and data.

A bolt on is an additional bundle of voice minutes or mobile data that you can add to your base plan to ultimately create the mobile plan which best suits your needs and lifestyle. You can add a bolt-on when you need it and cancel anytime. That's the flexibility you get with MyPlan. There is a minimum period of 1 month for a bolt-on.

The ‘MyPlans’ can be purchased on a 1 month, 12 & 24 month contracts.

When you sign up to a 12 or 24 month contract you can get a discount on select smartphones at the point of purchase. There is no phone discount for customers who purchase a 1 month contract. If the phone cost is greater than the subsidy given, customers will pay the remaining balance of the handset in full when they take out the plan.

When you use up your allowances of calls, texts or data you will be billed at out of bundle rates until the start of the new bill month at which point all your balances will be refreshed. Please click here for our out of plan rates.

The following destinations are not included in your plan allowance - Antarctica, Ascension, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cuba-Guantanamo, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Solomon Islands, Guinea Bissau, Norfolk Islands, Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Syrian Arab Republic, Vanuatu (Republic of), as well as, Inmarsat - C, Inmarsat- GAN, Inmarsat- A ATLW, Inmarsat INAC SKY, Inmarsat- Unified BHSD, Inmarsat, Satellite - Thuraya, Satellite Iridium 8816, Inmarsat- B GAN HSD, Inmarsat- A ATLE, Satellite Iridium, Inmarsat INAC SKY, Inmarsat- A PAC, Satellite- GMSS, Iridium LLC, Inmarsat- B- Land, Inmarsat- M4 HSD, Inmarsat - A- IND, Inmarsat- Unified Aero.

Yes, if you already have a handset you can still sign up to MyPlans at any time and we do offer other subsidies. Please ask in store for the latest offers available.

In a plan minutes are billed on per second basis while out of plan minutes are billed on a per minute basis.

You can a add additional users to the ‘base’ account called family share users. These users can use all base and bolt on allowances of calls, texts and data. The allowances are all distributed between the users on a first come first serve basis. See MyPlan builder for current pricing.

Yes, you can call toll free numbers; however, toll free calls are not covered by the plan minutes and you will be charged the regular out of plan rate.