The MyRoaming plans are available on a 1 month contract.

No the MyRoaming Plans are available on all mobile handsets. Customers wanting to use data will require a data enabled handset.

This depends on the island you call, the time of the day and your call duration. To find your call duration, divide $10.00 by the rate of the island you wish to call. For example, to call Jamaica on the weekend you can talk for 40 minutes [$10.00 / 0.25 = 40 minutes].

No, this discount applies only to direct dialed overseas calls made from residential landlines and does not include calls made from mobile phones, calling card calls or operated connected calls.

Calls costing less than CI$10 will be charged at the regular rates.

Pay phones, mobile phones [postpaid and prepaid], operator, card [Prepaid and SmartCard] and Inmarsat calls are not included. Customer accounts categorized as Businesses are not eligible for this offer. Customers with $50.00 deposit service and permanent call barring are not eligible for this offer. Other restrictions may apply.

Customers dialing 10-10-335 can call anywhere in the world and obtain a 33% discount on the value of the call above $5.00. With 10-10-269, customers can make calls only to Flow Caribbean landlines and pay no more than $10 for the call.

DescriptionActivation Code
USSD Main Menu
Balance Check
Whats My Number
Please Call Me (9 Digit Number)*126*"Recipients Phone Number"#
DescriptionActivation Code
My Prepaid Blackberry 
My Prepaid Blackberry Status Inquiry
My Prepaid Blackberry - Extends current or renew deactivated plan by 7 days
My Prepaid Blackberry - Extends current or renew deactivated plan by 30 days
DescriptionActivation Code
My Prepaid Data 
My Prepaid Data Balance Check
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 20MB 1 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 500MB 1 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 100MB 7 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 250MB 7 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 500MB 14 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 1GB 30 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 2GB 30 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 4GB 30 day plan
My Prepaid Data plans - Purchase 8GB 30 day plan
DescriptionActivation Code
My International Bundle Plans 
LIME's 875 Plan - to Philippines, Colombia, India, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua
LIME's 876 Plan - Calls to Jamaica
LIME's 876 Plan - Worldwide plan
DescriptionActivation Code
My iPhone5 Plan*129# (Select IPhone Plan)


- FMIP (Find My I phone) bit needs to be removed in order to initiate the repair process unless you will be charged $75.00 if found to have this locator still on.

- A $75 fee applies to inspecting Apple devices, if it is determined the fault is not covered under warranty. This is not the cost of repair.

- Flow is not responsible for the unauthorised use of your personal data or loss of any user data or settings in a device sent in for assessment or repair. We recommend you back up all data prior to sending the device for repair and wipe the device of personal information or reset the device.

- Please do not send any accessories, your memory card and SIM with your device.

- Liquid or impact damaged phones are not covered by warranty.

- You must come for your device within 60 days of being notified to do so. After 60 days the device will be disposed of.


As our business continues to evolve, we are making updates to our sports TV line up.

Chelsea TV will no longer be available worldwide as of June 30. As a result, we will remove it from our channel lineup. In addition, our partnership agreement with ManU TV will come to an end on June 30th and will also be removed from our line-up.

Our customers will still have access to their other favorite channels including Flow Sports, NBC Sports Network and ESPN.

We also want to take a moment to highlight the many enhancements we have made recently:

  • Addition of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League on Flow Sports. More LIVE matches than existed before
  • Multiple Concacaf tournaments including the Scotiabank Champions League, Concacaf League and confederation competitions on Flow Sports
  • Enhanced coverage of IAAF Diamond League on Extra channel and the Flow Sports App. 2019 Netball World Cup

For more information please contact our contact center - 1-800-804-2994. To add a sports package contact - 1-800-534-7253.