We will install your new Broadband service within our service promise timeline, see details here . Prior to installation we will contact you to arrange a date convenient to you.

Installing the actual service can take up to 3-4 hours. Note: your broadband and phone won't work for a short while, whilst the technician is connecting your service.

Your main telephone socket will be fitted with a new faceplate. This has 2 separate sockets - one for phone (bottom socket) and one for broadband (top socket).

A new modem (if needed) will be plugged directly into your master socket. You'll then just need to plug your new modem into this with one of the included yellow Ethernet cables. The engineer will be able to answer any questions you have. If you experience any issues or have questions with your new service, contact our customer service number 811 which is available 24/7.

Your existing telephone and computer equipment will not need to be replaced.

Note: Free installation includes installation to the first telephone point in your home. If you require the service extended to additional locations/points within your home, you may have your own electrician complete the work or a technician can do so at an hourly rate of $125 Monday through Saturday and $150 on Sundays

Please see the price table for details.

Once the plan is added you will have immediate access to your allowances. You will receive a text message to tell you that you have now activated your MyRoaming Plan.

Please use a data manager app to keep track of your usage while you are using your phone when off island (roaming). Many smartphones have a built in usage counter to keep track of how many minutes, texts and data you are consuming. If your smartphone has this capability please re-set the statistics once you start roaming to ensure you are keeping track of your current usage. Please note that apps and trackers are estimates and may not represent exact usage. Any minutes, texts or data used outside of the plan will be charged at regular roaming rates, check our roaming page for details on these rates.

Bolt-ons can be added or removed at any time during the month. If a customer removes the plan mid-month they will still be charged the full plan cost.

All in and out of bundle minutes will be charged on a per minute basis.

Customers who use up their allowances of calls, texts or data will be billed at the published out of bundle rates. These rates are reduced compared to the standard rates.

Existing postpaid customers may visit any Flow Retail Outlet and sign up for these plans or they can call the contact Centre to request the new plan.

No. Customers must have a local postpaid voice plan.