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Terms and Conditions

  1. New customer classifies as someone who does not currently have broadband or TV services with FLOW.
  2. Customer only qualifies as new if they have not had Flow Broadband in the last 3 months
  3. Existing customers who upgrade to the SuperHero Bundle plan, will receive the first month free of the difference in pricing from the $200 SuperHero Bundle fee and their current broadband or TV plan.
  4. No installation fee.
  5. Landline rental fee is not included.
  6. Modem fee of $2 applies to each rental.
  7. First TV box is included in promotional price. Any additional TV boxes will incur a fee of $14/each.
  8. $100 deposit is required.
    1. If the customer has an existing PostPaid mobile account with FLOW with a $200 deposit, the deposit will be waived.
    2. If the customer registers for Direct Debit, the deposit will be waived.
    3. Fiber customers can waive the $19.99 line rental if they don’t intend to make or receive calls
    4. First month free offer does not apply to landline and modem maintenance fees
    5. Offer is for fiber consumers only

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