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Application requirements

Let's keep it simple and straightforward. Here's the list of what we'd like you to share with us:

  1. 1. A certified copy of your Passport ID page.
  2. 2. A certified copy or copies of your Transcript of grades from your High School or University/College (as applicable) for the 2019/2020 academic year to date.
  3. 3. Confirmation letter or examination slips for any examinations which you have taken or currently taking, but you do not have the results yet.
  4. 4. Your letter of acceptance from the college or university you will be entering. The letter should tell us the course of study that you have been accepted to, duration of the programme, cost of tution, books and other required study material.
  5. 5. Two (2) letters of recommendation
    • one should be an academic reference showing
    • your GPA and commenting on your hardworking nature
    • one from a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace or other upstanding citizen of the Cayman Islands attesting to your character
  1. 6. In the cover email tell us first of all:
    • Your full name, home address, telephone number and email address and contact details for someone who can reach you if we can't
    • Then, please tell us about you. Remember you are responding because you are a risk-taker, creative, driven, hardworking, honest, respectful and happy and you are Caymanian! Tell us about that. Also tell us two compelling reasons why we should select you for a scholarship. use no more that 1,000 words please.

How it comes together

When you have all the documents together, which must be before midnight on March 31st, 2020:

Please upload your documents below

Name Description
Passport ID A copy of passport photo page
Transcript of Grades Copy of permanent academic record of all
courses taken and grades received
Confirmation Letter Copy of examinations taken or currently
taken but have not received grades.
Letter of Acceptance Copy of formal indication of a successful
application to an education institution
Letters of Recommendation Two letters describing your qualities and
Cover Letter / Letter about you Give us a clear idea of your goals and
aspirations plus provide additional
information on your skills and experience.

If selected, we will want to interview you. We will ask you to take a Predictive Index Survey and if you are selected for a scholarship, we will need you to begin your apprenticeship programme with us later in June.

Questions ?

If you have any questions or require clarification on any of the foregoing information, please contact:

Debra Alexander
Senior Manager, People Business Partner
HR Operations (Cayman)

Closing Date: March 31st, 2020 Closing Time: Midnight

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