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myroaming plans
Sign up for a FLOW MyRoaming plan before you travel and stay connected while abroad
These plans can be used on Android, iPhone (iOS) and for BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry 7 OS or later) - includes data not covered by the BlackBerry Passport data plan.




myroaming plans
for USA and Canada


Sign up from your device by dialing *129# or using the direct codes below to choose from our 2, 7 and 30 day discount plans.
So get the same rates as you do at home while roaming in the USA and Canada.




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roaming rates



FLOW Caribbean
one rate roaming
With One Rate Roaming, you can roam throughout any FLOW territory and pay one flat rate for intra Caribbean calls. No need to sign up, you`ll automatically benefit from these low rates.


  Postpaid Prepaid
Outbound calls within the country you`re in $0.17 $0.32
Calls to other destinations $2.57 $2.74
Incoming calls $0.17 $0.32
Send SMS $0.08 $0.08
Data (per MB) $0.13 $0.11
All prices in KYD



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Call 1800-804-2994 if you're a customer, or 345 949 7800 if you'd like to join FLOW



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