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myroaming plans
Sign up for a FLOW MyRoaming plan before you travel and stay connected while abroad
These plans can be used on Android, iPhone (iOS) and for BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry 7 OS or later) - includes data not covered by the BlackBerry Passport data plan.


roaming plans
This summer travel with your Flow prepaid mobile to over 40 destinations.
prepaid roaming
in over 40

  • FREE incoming calls
  • Same home data & calling rates as in Cayman
  • Automatically activates at no extra cost
  • Add an extra 500MB for $15 with TravelPass
  • Use your local data plan in any Flow Caribbean island

  Dial: *129# to activate TravelPass




FLOW Caribbean
one rate roaming
With One Rate Roaming, you can roam throughout any FLOW territory and pay one flat rate for intra Caribbean calls. No need to sign up, you`ll automatically benefit from these low rates.


  Postpaid Prepaid
Outbound calls within the country you`re in $0.17 $0.32
Calls to other destinations $2.57 $2.74
Incoming calls $0.17 $0.32
Send SMS $0.08 $0.08
Data (per MB) $0.13 $0.11
All prices in KYD


Flow mobile territories include: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, BVI, Curacao, Dominca, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Turks & Caicos.



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A. Available Summer 2017, effective July 19, 2017 till August 31, 2017.

Pay as you go roaming rates

Prepaid mobile summer 2017 special rates

Effective July 5th, 2017 till August 31, 2017

To send a text message


per text

Data usage per MB


per MB

Local call within roaming country


per minute

Call Cayman


per minute

Call Caribbean


per minute

Call USA/Can


per minute




Available while using your prepaid mobile in select countries.

Check the list of countries below.

Calls to other locations as per regular roaming rates. See for regular rates.

  • TravelPass is a new mobile data plan that allows customers to purchase 500MB of data that can be used in select countries (see list below) around the world, for a 7-day validity period.
  • Customers who have sufficient balance can purchase a TravelPass using one of the following ways –
  • Dialing *134# from a prepaid Flow SIM will present the subscriber with a menu of plan choices and response commands to complete the subscription process. Customers need to dial *134*6# to subscribe to the TravelPass 500 MB data plan, or choose option #4 from the *134# menu.
  • Dialing *129# from a prepaid Flow SIM will present the subscriber with the general menu. Customers will choose “PLANS”, then “ROAMING”, then “TravelPass”, and then can select the plan.
  • Using the MyFlow smart app from a Flow prepaid sim, customers can find TravelPass plans under “PLANS”, then “ROAMING”.
  • ⦁ Purchasing from the online portal at
  • 500 MB – dedicated bundle for exclusive use in select markets (see list below), consisting of 500 MB of mobile data only; available for 7 days from date of subscription.
  • Once you have used the TravelPass data allowance, you will be charged at the normal data roaming rates from the prepaid mobile credit balance.
  • TravelPass mobile data bundles can be used in select countries, see list below.