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More talking and more streaming. We know you want to be even more connected than ever and with our upgraded prepaid mobile local voice, data and combo plans you can do just that. Now you can make more calls and use more data so you are never out of touch. It’s the time to get the minutes and data you want, while saving money! The upgraded prepaid plans keep more money where it belongs – in your hands!


Combo Plans


Extra big data this Christmas

Get even more data this Christmas. Now you can enjoy double data for double fun when you add a prepaid Voice & Data Combo Plan.

This is the very best way to save.


Plan Name Plan Duration Local Voice Calls to any number Local Data Allowance Price (KYD) To Activate Dial Auto Renew(Dial)
S 3 Days 250 Mins 250MB

Now 500MB
$8.00 *140*8# YES
M 7 Days 500 Mins 500MB

Now 1GB
$16.00 *140*16# YES
L 30 Days 1000 Mins 1GB

Now 2GB
$50.00 *140*50# YES



Data Plans


Every day value you can rely on

With daily, weekly and monthly data plans starting at just $2 for one day, there's something to suit everyone. And now our upgraded data plans include more data than before, giving you great value every day.


Plan Name Plan Duration Local Data Allowance Price (KYD) To Activate Dial Auto Renew
XS 1 Day 100 MB $2.00 *146*50# YES
S 3 Days 500MB $5.00 *146*250# YES
M 7 Days 1GB $10.00 *146*1007# YES
L 30 Days 2GB $25.00 *146*2000# YES
XL 30 Days 4GB $35.00 *146*4000# YES
XXL 30 Days 10GB $50.00 *146*10000# YES



Voice Plans


More talk for less

Activate a local voice plan so you can now get the minutes you want, while saving money. Allow your credit to take you even further.


Plan Name Plan Duration Local voice Allowance Price (KYD) To Activate Dial Auto Renew (Dial)
XS 7 Days 25 Mins $7.00 *140*257# YES
S 7 Days 50 Mins $13.00 *140*507# YES
M 14 Days 50 Mins $20.00 *140*514# YES
L 30 Days 100 Mins $35.00 *140*1030# YES
XL 30 Days 200 Mins $65.00 *140*2030# YES






Get the talk and data you need, right when you need it! Prepaid is the hassle-free way of keeping connected and there are no credit checks and no commitment of contracts.


Cayman's #1 network

Enjoy Cayman-wide mobile data

coverage on FLOW's 4G LTE network

no contract

No contract on prepaid

devices and SIMs

easy top up

Top up online , on My FLOW App ,

or at one of our 100

Top Up locations


quick activation codes

Get useful info and Top Up using

our handy quick codes

low roaming rates

Stay connected while abroad with

the best roaming rates around

international call rates

Call home with the best

international calling rates around



prepaid rates


life with more byte
50MB free data


Every month when you TopUp $10 or more at the start of every month. Whether you're new to Flow or already a customer, you can now bring all the connections you want with you everywhere you go.



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