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An LTE Device

4G LTE smartphones link up to FLOW`s 4G LTE network, handling data and processing information faster than the previous 3G network.

An LTE sim card

Our 4G LTE sims give you quicker access to the network, so you can enjoy all the benefits of 4G LTE.


The latest software for your device

To get 4G LTE You`ll need the latest software on your smartphone. It`s always a good idea to keep your software up to date to get the very best from your smartphone.

3gb data plan

Upgrade to our recommended 3GB data plan with the fastest network that delivers 4G LTE.





Cayman’s #1 4G LTE mobile network

In an independent report from P3, a leading testing services company, Flow’s 4G LTE mobile network beat the competition for voice and data performance in the Cayman Islands. Flow’s network has been proven to have excellent call quality, the fastest broadband speed and is best for streaming and downloading.




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