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Top Up with Flow Lend anytime, anywhere

Flow Lend is service that allows Flow prepaid customers to request a credit advance (loan) for their account. Flow Lend loans can be used for voice calls, data/Internet and sending SMS. Only Flow prepaid customers can access the service. Available loan amounts:



* for all Members



* Only for Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond Members



* Only for Silver, Gold & Diamond Members



* Only for Gold & Diamond Members



* Only for Diamond Members

Service Conditions:

*Payback in 30 days

Get your Account Recharge

How to Top Up with Flow lend?

Top up your phone instantly with loans from Flow Lend!
Paying back is easy - just top up your mobile account.

Earn points with Flow Lend

Earn Points and level up by paying early your loan

earn points
  • Pay before 15 days and receive 5 points.
  • Pay between 16-30 days and recieve 0 points.
  • Pay after 30 days and receive -5 points.
  • You can consult your points and level by dialing and selecting option 6. My Points
Tier Points
Beginner 0 - 24
Bronze 25 - 49
Silver 50 - 74
Gold 75 - 99
Diamond 100


A FLOW prepaid subscriber may take as many loans as they would like, as long as any prior loan has been paid in full. If there are unpaid balances, the prepaid subscriber will not be able to take on another loan.

A FLOW prepaid subscriber may pay back a loan through a recharge purchased through voucher, direct top up, online top up, international top up or credit transfer. The recharge value will be applied towards the loan value. Promotional balance wont be used to repay a loan.

In the event a recharge is performed by a prepaid subscriber and is subject to a given promotion, the promotional balance derived from it will not be able to be used to repay an outstanding loan.

The FLOW prepaid subscriber will be prompted to pay back all loans within 15 days to receive points, but ultimately, he will have 30 days to repay the loan.

Repays: If a FLOW prepaid subscriber surpassed the 30-day-period to repay, but pays back before reaching an inactive state, his debt will be considered repaid. Partially repays: if the FLOW Prepaid subscriber makes a partial repayment over the course of the next 30 days after their loan was issued, their outstanding balance will remain and will be deducted from any further recharge. Does not repay: if a FLOW prepaid subscriber does not repay within the 30-day period, and is then inactive, he will be disconnected, and his outstanding balance will be treated as bad debt.