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Cable & Wireless Home Service Plans

PART H (Item 804)

  1. Service Description
    1. Cable & Wireless Home Service Plans provide Residential Customers with a local calling bundle comprised of bundles of domestic minutes to fixed networks, discounts on other domestic calling services, and several Optional Services. Cable & Wireless Home Service Plans also provide additional benefits, including an IDD Discount, Mobile Reward points, and discounts on Broadband Services.
    2. Cable & Wireless Home Service includes two plans, Cable & Wireless Home 500 and Cable & Wireless Home 800, which include 500, and 800 minutes per month, respectively, to any fixed network in the Cayman Islands.
    3. This Item is subject to the terms and provisions of Part A of this Tariff.
  2. Definitions

    "C&W Sales Offices" are located at Anderson Square, Galleria Plaza and Stake Bay.

    “e.Account” allow customers to view and print their current and recent bills online at C&W’s website (

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. To apply for a Cable & Wireless Home Service Plan, Customers must complete a Cable & Wireless Home Service Plan Application Form (which is available online at and fax the completed form to the fax number indicated on the form, or visit a C&W Sales Office and present an acceptable ID.
    2. Cable & Wireless Home Service is only available to Residential Subscribers who have subscribed to Telephone Line Rental Service under General Tariff Item 201.
    3. C&W shall notify the Customer of the Service Start Date. Any Customer Apparatus not installed, operational or otherwise available by the Service Start Date shall not be grounds for the Customer not paying applicable Charges.
    4. There is no fee charged for setup or activation of service.
    5. Cable & Wireless Home Service is offered on a month to month basis and will automatically renew for successive 30-day periods, unless the Customer provides C&W not less than 30 days prior written notice that it does not wish to renew.
    6. The Customer may terminate Cable & Wireless Home Service at any time before the Service Start Date. The Customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred by C&W in reference to the Customer’s request for service.
    7. The Customer may terminate Cable & Wireless Home Service at any time, upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice, without incurring an early termination fee.
    8. The Customer will be allowed to change or downgrade his/her Cable & Wireless Home Service Plan (i.e., move from one plan to another which includes fewer minutes) once per month, subject to an administrative fee listed in sub-Item 4 below.
    9. The Customer may upgrade their Cable & Wireless Home Service Plan at any time free of charge.
    10. TalkAway discounts are only applied to the IDD Usage Charges for calls to the international Telephone Numbers nominated on the application form and in writing by the Customer from time to time. Customers may change their nominated numbers at any time free of charge.
    11. Customers will receive each month, the number of Mobile Reward Points shown in sub-Item 4 below for the selected Cable & Wireless Home Plan, as long as their accounts are not overdue at the time the Bill is issued. Mobile Reward Points are redeemable only at C&W Sales Offices, at a rate of one dollar per point.
    12. Each Cable & Wireless Home plan entitles the Customer to free access to e-Account. E-Account allows the Customer to view and print their current and recent bills on-line at C&W’s Website (
  4. Rates and Charges

    The following rates and Charges apply. All rates for domestic calls are billed on a per-minute basis.

    Cable & Wireless Home Plans Cable & Wireless Home 500 Cable & Wireless Home 500
    Monthly Charge $22 $29.95
    Minutes included within Plan (a) 500 800
    Additional Per Min. Rate
    C&W Fixed to C&W Fixed $0.05 $0.05
    C&W Fixed to Other Fixed $0.05 $0.05
    C&W Fixed to C&W Mobile $0.20 $0.20
    C&W Fixed to Other Mobile $0.20 $0.20
    Features (b) Call Waiting, Caller ID, Personal Voicemail Call Waiting, Calle r ID, Executive Voicemail, Call Forwarding, 3-way Call
    Plan Change Fee (c) N/A $25
    Talkaway Discount
    Talkaway Discount 20% 20%
    Int’l Nominated Numbers 5 5
    C&W Broadband (ADSL)
    Discount off Monthly Fee (d) 10% 10%
    e-Account (e) Free Free
    Mobile Reward Points 3 4
    1. Free local calls within the bundle include local calls to any Fixed line network within the Cayman Islands.
    2. The Executive Voicemail feature allows for a longer personal greeting and longer message lengths. (See General Tariff Item 301.4 for details on voicemail greetings and message lengths).
    3. Administrative fee is charged to change or downgrade to a lower plan.
    4. The 10% discount on C&W Broadband (ADSL) applies only if the C&W Broadband Service and the Cable & Wireless Home Plan are on the same account. The discount applies to the C&W Broadband monthly plan fee only, and does not apply to special or promotional rates. No discount is given on other Internet charges or Internet roaming charges.
    5. e.Account is available to all C&W customers.
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