Smart Choice Business Service Plans

PART H (Item 803)

  1. Service Description
    1. Smart Choice Business Plan provides single line Business Customers with a bundle comprised of Business Telephone Line Rental, several Optional Services, an IDD Discount, an e.Account, and discounts on additional features.
    2. There are three Smart Choice Business Plans: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C.
    3. This Item is subject to the terms and provisions of Part A of this Tariff
  2. Definitions

    "C&W Sales Offices" are located at Anderson Square, Galleria Plaza and Stake Bay.

    "e.Account" allows Customers to view and print their current and recent bills online at C&W's Website (www.eaccount.ky).

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. To apply for a Smart Choice Business Plan, Customers must complete a Smart Choice Business Plan Application Form (which is available online at www.candw.ky) and fax the completed form to 345-949- 0039 or visit a C&W Sales Office and present an acceptable ID.
    2. The Term of the Smart Choice Business Plan shall be month to month. The Term shall start from the date the Smart Choice Business Plan is applied to the Customer's Telephone Line. The start date is the date the application is received and setup on the customer’s account.
    3. At the end of the Term, the Smart Choice Business Plan will automatically renew for another month unless the Customer cancels his/her Smart Choice Business Plan by writing to C&W or calling Customer Service.
    4. The Customer will be allowed to downgrade his/her Smart Choice Business Plan once during each month subject to the administrative fees listed in sub-Item 4.
    5. The Service components which comprise the Smart Choice Business Plans are as described in Part B, Part C and Part D.
    6. Optional Services that are eligible for the Smart Choice Business Plan are Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, and Ring Back When Free. The Optional Services are as described in Part C.
    7. IDD discounts are automatically applied each month to the most costly IDD numbers the Customer has called.
    8. IDD discounts are automatically applied each month to the 3, 4 or 6 most costly IDD numbers the Customer has called, depending on their plan.
    9. Smart Choice Business Plan cannot be used in conjunction with other discount plans.
    10. Only single line business customers who do not have a Key System or PABX System, are eligible for SmartChoice Business plans.
  4. Packages and Rates and Charges
    Smart Choice Business Plans
    Plan APlan BPlan C
    Base ElementLine RentalLine RentalLine Rental
    Features(a)3 Optional Services Voice Mail4 Optional Services Voice Mail (extended or multiple)(d)5 Optional Services Voice Mail (extended or multiple)(d)
    IDD Discount(b)20% off calls to 3 IDD numbers20% off calls to 4 IDD numbers20% off calls to 6 IDD numbers
    Monthly Price –$39$43$47
    Administrative Feen/a$16$16
    Additional Optional Services and Voicemail (c)20% discount20% discount20% discount
    1. Features are applied to the Telephone Line the Customer designates as the Primary Line.
    2. IDD discount applies to all of the Customer's Telephone Lines.
    3. Applies to any additional Optional Services on the Customer's Primary Line and/or Optional Services and Voicemail on additional lines.
    4. The extended (Executive) Voicemail feature allows for a longer personal greeting and longer message lengths. The multiple features allows for up to four personal mailboxes with longer greeting and message lengths. The extended and multiple Voicemail features are only available with Smart Choice Plans. (See Item 301.4 for details on voicemail greetings and message lengths)
    5. Note: Plan D was never offered on SmartChoice Business.

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