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Virtual Office Service

PART F (Item 604)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to the terms and conditions of Part A and Item 600 of this Tariff
    2. Virtual Office Service is a hosted voice-over-IP service that provides Customers with an intercommunicating service between Stations in their offices without having a PABX on premises, as well as access to the C&W PSTN.
    3. Virtual Service offers essential features found on IP PABXs, as well as additional features such as Integrated Call Management, Message Notification, and access to soft clients or from IP Phones. Virtual Office is available in “Silver” and “Gold” packages with varying feature sets.
    4. Virtual Office is subject to an Installation charge, and to Monthly Charges per Station connected to the Virtual Office platform. Rates and Charges are set out in sub-item 604.5.
    5. Initial Term: Monthly, One, Two or Three year.
  2. Definitions

    “DID” means, for the purposes of this Tariff Item, Direct Inward Dialling.

    “High-Speed Internet Access” means an Internet access service, provided by C&W or another service provider, providing Bandwidth of 1024 kbps or higher.

    “Line” means, for the purposes of this Tariff Item, a port on the C&W Virtual Office platform enabling a Station to use the platform and make Calls.

    “Station” means suitably-equipped Customer Equipment designed for use with the C&W Virtual Office service for the provision of Telephone Service.

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. C&W will provide access to and use of the C&W Virtual Office platform via a High-Speed Internet Access service connecting the Customer’s LAN to the platform. The size of the High-Speed Internet Access service required will depend on the bandwidth required for voice and data needs and/or number of users or Stations required.
    2. The Customer is responsible for providing the necessary High-Speed Internet Access service to use Virtual Office Service. C&W does not provide High-Speed Internet Access services under this Tariff Item 604
    3. As an alternative to a High-Speed Internet Access service, the Customer may subscribe to a C&W Domestic Private Leased Circuit of equivalent bandwidth. However, this Circuit must be dedicated to the Virtual Office Service and cannot also be used to carry data. C&W does not provide Domestic Private Leased Circuit services under this Tariff Item 604.
      1. 3.1) As an alternative to a High-Speed Internet Access service, the Customer may subscribe to a Managed IP Circuit (“MIPC”) Service. However, this MIPC Service must be dedicated to the Virtual Office Service and cannot also be used to carry data. C&W does not provide Managed IP Circuit Services under this Tariff Item 604 (please refer to Tariff Item GT 605).
    4. Virtual Office Service is only available to Business Customers.
    5. The Customer will be unable to make or receive calls using Virtual Office service if:
      • the Customer’s High-Speed Internet Access service is down, or
      • Electrical power to the Customer’s LAN or Stations has been interrupted.
    6. The Customer acknowledges that C&W will route “911” emergency calls to the Emergency Communications Centre in the Cayman Islands only, and that C&W will provide to the Emergency Communications Centre the Customer’s Telephone Number and the Customer’s physical service location on file. The Customer advises C&W of this location at the time of subscription, and updates it as necessary in writing from time to time. The Customer acknowledges that the Emergency Communications Centre will not have accurate information available if the Customer should change the location of the Station without advising C&W. If the Customer should need to dial “911”, the Customer agrees to assist emergency personnel by stating the nature of the emergency promptly and clearly, including the Customer’s location and telephone number.
    7. The Customer is responsible for providing the Stations and LAN, and for the installation and configuration of their Layer 3 switch connected to their LAN. Not all features may be available with all Stations. C&W can provide IT Service to the Customer upon request, at the additional charge set out in sub-item 604.5.
    8. Use of the Virtual Office platform includes unlimited calling between Stations that are part of the Customer’s Virtual Office Service.
    9. Virtual Office Service includes access to the C&W PSTN for the purposes of making Telephone Calls. Usage Charges for Calls are charged separately under the terms of the applicable General Tariff Item, including without limitation Item 201 (Basic Telephone Service) and Item 401 (International Direct Dial Calls). Calls to Virtual Office Service Stations that are not part of the Customer’s Virtual Office Service are considered Telephone Calls.
    10. Virtual Office Service Customers are eligible for Simplicity Service (General Tariff Item 405).
    11. Term and Termination

    12. The Initial Term of Virtual Office Service will start on the Service Start Date and will continue for the period of one, two or three years selected by the Customer.
    13. C&W shall notify the Customer of the Service Start Date. Any Customer Apparatus not installed, operational or otherwise available by the Service Start Date shall not be grounds for the Customer not paying applicable Charges.
    14. After the expiry of the Initial Term, Virtual Office Service will automatically renew for a new Term of the same length, unless either the Customer provides C&W not less than thirty (30) days’ prior written notice that it does not wish to renew, or that it wishes to sign a new Term of a different length.
    15. The Customer may terminate Virtual Office Service at any time before the Service Start Date. The Customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred by C&W in reference to the Customer’s request for service.
    16. The Customer may terminate Virtual Office Service at any time during the Initial Term on thirty (30) days’ prior written notice. The Customer will pay fifty percent (50%) of the remaining contract value. This fee will not apply if:
      1. the Customer terminates the Service due to C&W being in default hereunder or
      2. C&W terminates the Service due to any reason other than the Customer being in default hereunder.
    17. The Customer may add to the original contracted number of Virtual Office Lines at any time at the applicable rate. The Customer may reduce the number of contracted Virtual Office Lines on thirty (30) days’ prior notice. Where the number of Virtual Office Lines being terminated equals 10% or more of the contracted number of Virtual Office Lines, the Customer shall pay a fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the remaining contract value of those Lines being terminated.
    18. Additional Rights and Obligations

    19. The quality of Virtual Office Service depends in part on the bandwidth of the High-Speed Internet Access or Domestic Private Leased Circuit Service selected by the Customer, and C&W cannot guarantee fault-free performance.
    20. Customer must provide its own anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall or other protection for its computer or LAN, as applicable. C&W does not provide such services as part of Virtual Office Service.
    21. Virtual Office packages may be upgraded without incurring a Service package change fee. An administrative Charge of $125 will be applied to any Service package downgrade (or number of downgrades requested at the same time). This Charge will be waived if the Customer signs a new one-, two- or three-year term at the same time.
    22. The Monthly Charges are payable even if the Customer does not use the service during a month or part of a month. Virtual Office Service may not be suspended by the Customer at any time.
    23. Virtual Office Service is offered on a post-paid basis only.
    24. All Virtual Office Service Stations are assigned a Telephone Number used as a DID.
  4. Virtual Office Packages
    1. Virtual Office offers essential features found on today’s IP PABX plus Integrated Call Management, Voice Mail, Message Notification access to soft clients or from IP Phones.
    2. Virtual Office is available in “Silver” and “Gold” packages with the following sets of features. The “Silver” package is the basic, entrylevel package.
      Virtual Office Features – Silver
      1. 3-Way Ad-Hoc Audio Conferencing
      2. Authorization Codes
      3. Automatic Call Back
      4. Automatic Recall
      5. Business Group Dial Plan (Allows Extn Dialing Within A Group)
      6. Call Forward Variants (CFU, CFB, CFDA)
      7. Call Hold
      8. Call Park/Pickup
      9. Call Transfer
      10. Call Waiting
      11. Calling Name/Number Delivery
      12. DID/DOD
      13. Do Not Disturb
      14. Last Number Redial
      15. Message Waiting/Message Waiting Indicator
      16. Multi Line Hunt
      17. NCOS Restriction/Routing
      18. Speed Dial Lists
      19. Voice Mail Indicator (Audible / Visible)
      20. Voicemail (Standard Voicemail)
      Virtual Office Features - Gold
      1. Includes Features In Silver package, plus:
      2. 6 Way Ad Hoc Conferencing
      3. Call Back to Busy Line
      4. Directed Call Park/Pickup
      5. Distinctive Ringing
      6. Address Book / Directory (with Groups) (with Search)
      7. Dynamic Call Handling
        1. - Answer
        2. - Decline
        3. - Ignore
        4. - Redirect
        5. Forward To . . . (i.e. Voice Mail) (equivalent DMS voice feature capabilities mapped in "Voice Features" tab)
      8. Friends List (In Groups)
      9. Make A Call
        1. - Dial Called Digits
      10. Click To Dial
        1. - From Address Book / Directory
        2. - From Call Logs
        3. - From Friends List
      11. Click To Dial
        1. - From Microsoft Outlook
      12. Inbox / Outbox Call Logs (client based)
      13. Microsoft Outlook Contacts Download
      14. Make Set Busy
      15. Multi Switch Business Group
      16. Secure Instant Messaging
      17. Selective Call Acceptance
      18. Selective Call Forwarding
      19. Selective Call Rejection
      20. User Defined Call Screening (Block List, White List, Time of Day, etc.)
      21. User Defined Call Routing SIMRING (Allow the ringing of different numbers all at once or in sequential order)
        1. - Simultaneous Ringing
        2. - Sequential Ringing
      22. Voice Call Capabilities - Client Controlled
        1. - Do Not Disturb
        2. - CEPT Three-Way Call
        3. - Three-Way Call
        4. - Calling / Called Name / Number Display (Before And After Answer)
        5. - Call Hold
        6. - Call Transfer
        7. - Call Waiting
        8. - Call Transfer / Call Waiting With Conference Call
    3. Customers may also purchase the Web Collaboration Suite for their Virtual Office Lines, which offers the Customer the option to share files and presentations, create chat rooms, and push web pages to other users through co-browsing.
      Web Collaboration Suite
      1. Clipboard Push
      2. Chat (3+ Person IM Sessions) (Via MAS)
      3. Presence (Automatic And Manual)
      4. File Transfer
      5. Internet Co-Browsing
      6. Video Calling - Point To Point (Desktop)
      7. Web Collaboration (App. Sharing, Publish Mode,…)
      8. Web Page Push
      9. White Boarding
    4. A number of optional features are also available to all Virtual Office customers. These features are subject to separate charges.
      Chargeable Features
      1. Bridged Night Number
      2. Music On Hold (Less Than 30 Lines)
      3. Music On Hold (30 To 100 Lines)
      4. Additional Telephone Number as DIDs (maximum five per Line)
  5. Rates and Charges

    The following rates and Charges apply for Virtual Office Service:

    Per Line Charges (per month)

    PackageTerm1 year (per Line)2 year (per Line)3 year (per Line)
    Web Collab.$75.00$75.00$67.50
    FeatureSet-Up FeeMonthly Fee
    Bridged Night NumberN/A$5.95
    Music On Hold (Less Than 30 Lines)$75.00$15.95
    Music On Hold (30 To 100 Lines)$75.00$29.95
    Optional Additional Telephone Number as DIDs (up to five additional DIDs per line)N/A$30.00

    Other Charges

    Installation (Activation)
    - Silver and Gold Packages$300.00Per account
    - Web Collaboration Suite$25.00Per account
    Service Processing Fee (see note (e))$25.00Per request
    Moves, Adds & Changes (see note (f))
    - Administration Plan$6.00Per handset
    per month
    - Ad hoc$150.00Per hour
    Maintenance Support\LAN SupportSee note (g)
    1. Calls between Virtual Office Stations in the same group\business, including calls to the Virtual Office Voicemail platform, are free of charge. Calls to telephone numbers outside the same group/business are charged at the rates set out in Parts B, C or D of the C&W General Tariff, as applicable.
    2. Calls dialled to “911” are routed to Emergency Services in the Cayman Islands free of charge to the Customer.
    3. Calls dialled to “411” are routed to the C&W public Directory Enquiry service, on the terms and conditions and at the charges set out in Item 304 of the C&W General Tariff.
    4. Calls forwarded using the Call Forwarding features will incur the Usage Charge applicable to regular calls from that Virtual Office Service Station to the destination number chosen.
    5. The Service Processing Fee is charged when Customers request new services or features after the installation of the initial service, and applies per request, regardless of the number of services or features included in the request.
    6. The Moves, Adds & Changes fee does not include any additional equipment that may be required. Customers who wish C&W to manage their service may choose either the Administration Plan, at a flat monthly rate, or the ad hoc arrangement, at a per-hour rate when required.
    7. Standard Cost of Works Charges apply. See the Charges in General Tariff Item 201.4(2).

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