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Dialup Internet Access

PART F (Item 601)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to the terms and conditions of Item 600.
    2. Dialup Internet Access provides up to 56 kbps Internet access using a standard Telephone Line.
    3. C&W offers two Dialup Internet Access plans: Internet.10 and Unlimited.
    4. Dialup Internet Access is subject to a Setup Charge and a Monthly Charge. Usage Charges may also apply. Rates and Charges are set out in sub-item 601.4.
    5. Initial Term available for Dialup Internet Access: One Month.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. Customers must provide an analogue modem, acquired either from C&W or from another source, compatible with Dialup Internet Access service.
    2. Customers may access their Dialup Internet Access Service from any C&W Telephone Line. The maximum connection speed is 56 kbps. However, actual connection speeds may vary.
    3. The monthly charge is payable even if the Customer does not use the service during a month or part of a month. Dialup Internet Access service may not be suspended at any time.
    4. C&W will normally provide Dialup Internet Access service within one Working Day from receipt of the Dialup Internet Access Order Form.
  3. Plan Features

    The following features apply to the Dialup Internet Access plans:

    Included HoursE-mail Accounts (a)Web Space (MB)


    1. Each E-mail Account has a 10 MB size limit.
  4. Rates and Charges

    The following rates and charges apply to the Dialup Internet Access plans:

    Setup ChargeMonthly ChargeExtra Hourly Charge
    Internet.10$35.00$29.00$2.90 (a)
    Unlimited$35.00$17.00N/A (b)


    1. Billed per hour or part thereof.
    2. Local Data Call charges of $0.05 per minute, pursuant to Genral Tariff Item 201 in Part B of this Tariff, will apply instead to the Telephone Line used to access the Dialup Internet Access Service.
  5. Internet Easy Access
    1. Internet Easy Access provides Internet access to casual users who do not subscribe to a Dialup Internet Access package.
    2. Internet Easy Access is only available from a Customer's Fixed Line.
    3. A Usage Charge of $0.12 per minute will be billed to the Telephone Number used to access the Internet.
    4. The Internet Easy Access Telephone Numbers are: CONNECT (266 6328) and 976 INET (976 4638).

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