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Integrated Services Digital Network

PART E (Item 503)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to the terms and provisions of Item 500 of this Tariff.
    2. Integrated Services Digital Network ("ISDN") Service is a digital service that provides the Customer with two or more separate 64 kbps Channels per Circuit. ISDN is a transport medium for other PSTN services, both voice and data services and Internet access.
    3. C&W provides two categories of ISDN service: Basic Rate Interface ("BRI") service and Primary Rate Interface ("PRI") service.
    4. The BRI service consists of two 64 kbps B Channels, for a total Bandwidth of 128 kbps, and one 16 kbps D Channel. A single 64 kbps data channel service option is also available.
    5. The PRI service is intended for users with greater capacity requirements. Typically, the structure consists of 30 B Channels plus one 64 kbps D Channel for a maximum of 2048 kbps (2 Mbps).
    6. ISDN Service provides for simultaneous transmission capability. Activated B Channels can be configured by the Customer, to provide dedicated voice and data Service or alternating voice and data Service.
    7. Initial Term available for ISDN Services: Month-to-month.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. ISDN Service is available in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac only.
    2. The monthly Service Charge is payable even if the Customer does not use the ISDN Service during the month, or if not all B Channels are activated. ISDN Service may not be suspended at any time.
    3. ISDN service supports inbound remote access, however the Customer will be limited to their analogue modem connection speeds when not accessing from an ISDN Circuit.
    4. The following Apparatus is required: one ISDN terminal adapter (sometimes referred to as a TA or an ISDN modem) which conforms to European standards (ETSI). Customer may acquire this Apparatus from C&W or elsewhere. C&W includes the necessary NT1 device based on European standards (ETSI).
    5. ISDN Service is available to both Business Customers and Residential Customers.
  3. Packages & Rates

    The following rates and charges currently apply:

    Installation Charge Monthly Charge
    BRI – Residential $140.00 $25.00
    BRI – Business $140.00 $35.00
    PRI – Business $140.00 $200.00

    Usage Charges

    Local Data:
    • - $0.12 / minute / active channel (weekdays)
    • - $0.04 / minute / active channel (6p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Saturday, all day Sunday)
    International Data: standard IDD rate + 10% (see Item 401)
    Local Voice: standard Domestic rate (see Item 201)
    International Voice standard IDD rate (see Item 401)

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