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10-10-335 Service

PART D (Item 404)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to Part A of this Tariff
    2. 10-10-335 Service is a discount IDD Service that allows Residential Customers to use a special access number to call any Overseas Telephone Number and receive a 33% discount off regular IDD Rates on all Call Charges after the initial $5.00
    3. To access 10-10-335 Service, Customers must dial 10-10-335 followed by 1 + Telephone Number, i.e. including the numbering plan area code, or by 011 + country code + city code + local number, as the case may be.
  2. Definitions

    [reserved for future use]

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. 10-10-335 Service is availabe to accounts categorized as "Residential" only, including Light User Scheme Customers. No form of application is required.
    2. Customers are not required to specify pre-determined Overseas numbers that they wish to call using 10-10-335.
    3. If Customers apply for Talk Away (See Item 401(5) and Smart choice Talk Away (See Item 801(4)) discount plans, such discounts apply to 10-10-335 Calls made to pre-determined Overseas numbers.
    4. 10-10-335 Service is available only on IDD calls made from the Customer's Fixed Line. Calls made from Payphones and prepaid calling cards are not eligible. Customer accounts categorized as "Business" are not eligible.
    5. 10-10-269 Service only originates and terminates on a C&W network.
    6. There are monthly charges associated with this service.

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