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Broadband My Vault

PART D (Item 400)

  1. Service Description
    1. This item is subject to terms and conditions of Part A and Item 200 of the Special Tariff.
    2. Broadband My Vault (“My Vault”) is a service that offers Customers a Web-based, secure storage location for their personal or other files. Customers may store and access files and, by allowing temporary access, share files and data securely from any location with Internet access, using a Web browser.
    3. My Vault is available in one standard plan with 10MB of storage capacity, with an option to add storage capacity in 10MB increments.
    4. My Vault is subject to a monthly fee. There are no set-up fees or installation charges associated with My Vault.
  2. Definitions

    “Storage Capacity” means the maximum unit of data capable of retention for access/retrieval.

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. To subscribe to this service you must have an active C&W Internet account with a “” e-mail address.
    2. To apply for My Vault service, customers must complete a My Vault application form online at
    3. Once an application has been completed online and the applicant receives a notification of acceptance via e-mail, the customer has 48 hours to set up their account. If they do not respond within 48 hours, their application will be discarded. The customer must then re-apply.
    4. Only one vault can be obtained per e-mail address.
    5. My Vault is subject to a My Vault End User Licence Agreement.
    6. The Initial Term of My Vault service shall be one month, and shall automatically renew monthly, unless Customer gives C&W thirty (30) days notice of intention to cancel the service.
  4. Rates, Charges and Storage Capacity

    The following Rates, Charges and Storage Capacity apply to My Vault service:

    Setup Charge Monthly Charge Storage Capacity
    My Vault N/A $9.95 10MB
    Additional Storage Capacity (10MB increments) N/A $5.00 10MB

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