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Magic Touch Features

PART C (Item 302)

  1. General
    1. Magic Touch Features include: Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Barring, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Ring Back When Free.
    2. A Setup Fee of $25.00 applies for every Order for Magic Touch Features.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. 1. This item is subject to the terms and provisions of Item 300 of this Tariff.
  3. Features
    1. Call Forwarding
      1. Call Forwarding allows a Customer to transfer incoming Calls to another Telephone Number by dialing a code and the Telephone Number to which the incoming Calls are to be transferred.
      2. Customers can choose between five different types of customer controlled call forwarding, depending on whether he or she wants the calls forwarded directly to a variable number, to a variable number when the line is busy, to a variable number on no answer after a certain number of rings, to a set number on no answer, and to a set number when busy.
      3. Customers may also request C&W to provide fixed (permanent) call forwarding directly to a set number; immediately, on no answer, or when busy.
      4. Normal Call charges apply, for each Call forwarded, according to the rates, terms and conditions of the particular Call (Local, Mobile, IDD, etc.).
    2. Call Waiting
      1. Call Waiting provides the Customer with the ability to receive an incoming Call when his/her telephone line is in use. The Customer hears a tone indicating an incoming Call is waiting. The Customer can disregard the incoming Call, or put the existing Call on ‘hold’ and receive the incoming Call, or disconnect the existing Call and receive the incoming Call.
      2. If the Customer puts the existing Call on ‘hold’ and receives the incoming Call, normal Call charges apply to the calling party for the duration of each call until it is disconnected.
    3. Conference Calling
      1. Conference Calling allows the Customer to telephone up to two different telephone numbers and speak to each party at the same time. The feature allows the Customer to put on hold an existing call and, by pressing the “Flash” Button, to call a second telephone number. When the second telephone number is answered, the Customer can press a predetermined code and speak to both parties simultaneously.
      2. Normal call charges apply to the calling party for the duration of each call that comprises the conference call, depending on the particular call (Local, Mobile, IDD, etc) until the conference call is disconnected.
    4. Ring Back When Free
      1. Ring Back When Free allows the Customer to know when a busy local fixed line telephone number has become free. When the Customer receives a busy signal, he/she must dial a code and then hang up. The Customer will be alerted, by a special ring, when the called telephone number becomes free and the Call will be connected if the called Customer answers his/her telephone.
      2. Ring Back When Free does not work when the called Telephone Number is served by Private Branch Exchange Equipment, and also between the mobile, fixed line and international exchanges.
      3. Normal charges apply to the calling party for each call, depending on the particular call (mobile, local fixed line, etc.).
    5. Caller ID
      1. Caller ID provides the Customer with the ability to identify the Calling Party’s telephone number. The number of the incoming call is displayed on the display of the Customer’s telephone. Not all telephones support this feature.
      2. Generally caller ID phones manufactured in the U.S.A. are compatible with C&W network.
      3. Displayed telephone numbers are per C&W records. Occasionally overseas calling numbers are not available in C&W records and instead the digits “7060” will be displayed.
    6. Call Barring
      1. Call Barring allows the Customer to bar various types of outgoing calls (e.g. Mobile, IDD, etc.) from his/her telephone line. It is not possible to bar a specific telephone number.
      2. There are three options for Call Barring. The permanent option is automatically activated by C&W. The customer controlled fixed option allows the Customer to activate and deactivate the feature, and the customer controlled variable option allows the Customer to activate and deactivate the feature and also to bar certain types of calls, until such time the customer deactivates the feature by entering a prefix code.
  4. Rates and Charges
    Monthly ChargeSet-up Fee(a)
    Call Forwarding$3.00$25.00
    Call Waiting$3.00$25.00
    Conference Calling$3.00$25.00
    Ring Back When Free$3.00$25.00
    Caller ID$3.00$25.00
    Call Barring$3.00$25.00

    (a) See item 302.1.2.

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