PART C (Item 301)

  1. Service Description
    1. This item is subject to the terms and provisions of Item 300 of this Tariff.
    2. Voicemail service allows Customers to receive, send, store and retrieve voice messages over the C&W telephone network.
    3. Voicemail service includes the following functions: record customizable greetings, receive voice messages from callers when the Customer is using the telephone or his/her telephone is unanswered after a certain number of rings, play back voice messages from the Customer’s Service Address or at a remote location, paging/message notification and paging/message notification and message delivery.
    4. The paging/message notification option allows the Customer to program his/her Voicemail to notify him/her of an incoming message at another telephone number. The alternative Telephone Number can be a pager, mobile phone or Fixed Line.
    5. The paging/message notification and message delivery option delivers the Customer’s voice messages to the alternative Telephone Number.
  2. Definitions

    [Reserved for future use]

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. The Local Call Charges set out in sub-item 201.5 do not apply when accessing Voicemail service from the Customer’s Fixed Line Service Address or from another domestic Fixed Line location when dialing 269 (“BOX”) to access the voicemail platform.
    2. Normal Usage Charges apply when the Customer accesses Voicemail service in all other circumstances, such as calling locally [(345) 949 8279 or (345) 946 0747], from an overseas location or from a Mobile phone when roaming. Such charges are applied to the calling customer according to his or her originating provider’s rates and terms and conditions.
  4. Service Plans and Included Standard Features
    Personal VoicemailExecutive Voicemail
    Personal Greeting Length20 seconds60 seconds
    Maximum Length per Message90 seconds300 seconds
    Maximum Messages Stored25 messages40 messages
    Saved Messages57
    New Message Storage25 days30 days
  5. Rates and Charges
    Monthly ChargeSet-up Fee
    Personal Voicemail$5.00$10.00
    Executive Voicemail$10.00$10.00