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PART C (Item 303)

  1. General
    1. C&W provides the following miscellaneous optional services: Change Number Intercept, Hot Line, Abbreviated Calling, Sequential Hunting, Inward Call Barring and Malicious Call Tracing, Do Not Disturb, Alarm Call, Date and Time and Direct Inward Dialing.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    1. This item is subject to the terms and provisions of Item 300 of this Tariff.
  3. Features
    1. Change Number Intercept
      1. Change Number Intercept is to be used by a Customer who has changed his/her Telephone Number. When a caller telephones the Customer's old Telephone Number, a recording will advise the caller of the Customer’s new Telephone Number.
      2. Customers must request C&W to provide Change Number Intercept. This service is not provided automatically when a telephone number is changed at customer’s request.
      3. Call charges do not apply to the calling party when calling the old telephone number.
    2. Hot Line
      1. Hot Line allows a Customer to set-up his/her telephone line to bypass the dialing of Telephone Numbers. Instead, when the Customer lifts the Handset a pre-programmed Telephone Number is automatically dialed.
      2. This feature has two options. The immediate option automatically dials the programmed Telephone Number when the Handset is lifted. The delay option provides a few seconds pause before dialing the programmed Telephone Number so that the Customer can dial a different Telephone Number if he/she wishes to.
    3. Abbreviated Calling
      1. Abbreviated Calling allows the Customer to dial up to 10 pre- programmed Telephone Numbers by abbreviated 2-digit codes, selected by the customer.
      2. Normal Call charges apply, for each Call, according to the rates, terms and conditions of the particular Call (Local, Mobile, IDD, etc.).
    4. Sequential Hunting
      1. Sequential Hunting is provided to a Customer with a Private Branch Exchange and two or more telephone lines (see Item 201) or a PRI ISDN Service (see Item 503) connected to the System.
      2. Sequential Hunting is provided to customers who require more than one direct exchange line on the same telephone number. It affords the calling party a better opportunity of reaching the intended party, by searching for the next available free line
      3. Normal Call charges apply to the calling party depending on the particular call (mobile, local fixed line, IDD, etc)
    5. Inward Call Barring
      1. Inward call barring allows the customer to temporarily bar all incoming calls.
      2. Inward call barring is not a customer controlled feature. Customer must request C&W when to activate and deactivate this feature.
      3. Customer is charged a $10.00 fee upon deactivation of the feature.
    6. Malicious Call Tracing
      1. Upon written request by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, C&W can activate malicious call tracing on a customer’s telephone number. Customers cannot request this service directly from C&W.
      2. Malicious Call Tracing is not a customer controlled feature.
      3. The customer is not charged for this service.
    7. Do Not Disturb
      1. The Do Not Disturb feature is a customer controlled feature which provides the customer with the ability to program their telephone to not accept telephone calls. Callers receive a recorded message advising them that this party does not wish to be disturbed.
      2. The customer must activate and deactivate the feature from the telephone handset.
      3. Call charges do not apply to the calling party upon hearing the recorded message.
    8. Alarm Call
      1. All customers may activate their fixed line telephone to ring at a specified time to alert them similar to the function of an alarm clock.
      2. This feature requires no intervention by C&W, or request by customer. It must be activated on the telephone handset and is automatically deactivated once the alarm call is completed.
      3. Normal local call charges apply.
    9. Date and Time
      1. All customers may call a predetermined number (844) to receive the current date and time.
      2. Normal local call charges apply.
    10. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers
      1. Direct Inward Dialing (DID), sometimes referred to as Direct Dialing Inward (DDI) is the allocation of a virtual telephone number to an individual extension. DID is used in conjunction with a PBX and gives each extension its own full virtual telephone number without requiring an exchange line for each number. It enables callers to dial direct to the extension required without the intervention of the PBX operator.
      2. DID numbers are available in blocks of 50.
      3. DID table of Charge
        InstallationMonthly charge per active numberMonthly charge per inactive numberCall Charges
        $0.00$1.00$0.50Normal Call Charges apply
  4. Rates and Charges

    The following rates and charges apply

    Monthly ChargeSet-up FeeCall Charges apply
    Change Number Intercept$20.00$0.00NO
    Hot Line$3.00$25.00NO
    Abbreviated Calling$3.00$25.00YES
    Sequential Hunting$0.00$0.00YES
    Inward Call Barring$0.00$0.00NO
    Malicious Call Tracing$0.00$0.00N/A
    Do Not Disturb$3.00$25.00NO
    Alarm Call$0.00$0.00YES
    Date and Time$0.00$0.00YES

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