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Digital Access Circuit Service

PART B (Item 205)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to the terms and conditions of Part A of this Tariff.
    2. Digital Access Circuit Service is a digital service that provides the Customer with up to 30 symmetric channels for the transport of voice Calls to and from the PSTN. .
    3. Digital Access Circuit Service is subject to an Installation Charge and to Monthly Charges per Circuit. Rates and Charges are set out in sub-Item 205.4.
    4. Initial Term: Month-to-Month
  2. Definitions

    [Reserved for future use]

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. The monthly Service Charge is payable even if the Customer does not use the Service during the month. Digital Access Circuit Service may not be suspended at any time.
    2. Digital Access Circuit Service is available in two configurations: 15 and 30 channels.
    3. Digital Access Circuit Service connects to Customer Apparatus via a router located at the Customer premises. C&W will supply this router.
    4. Digital Access Circuits can only be used for voice Telephone Calls, or for any data services configured for transport over voice circuits (dial-up Internet services, facsimile).
    5. Standard rates apply for any Local Calls (see General Tariff Item 201.5) or IDD Calls originated using the Service.
  4. Rates and Charges

    The following rates and Charges apply.

    Service Installation Charge Monthly Charge
    Digital Access Circuit 15 $140 $125
    Digital Access Circuit 30 $140 $200

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