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Simplicity National Service

PART B (Item 204)

  1. Service Description
    1. This Item is subject to Part A and Item 201 sub-sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this General Tariff.
    2. This service is available to Simplicity Service Customers making Local Calls from their fixed telephone lines. In return for a term commitment, the Customer is offered discounted rates for selected Local Calls.
  2. Definitions

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  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. Simplicity National Service is only available on Local Calls made from lines categorized as “Business,” and to Customers who have also subscribed to Simplicity Service (General Tariff Item 405).
    2. To apply for C&W Simplicity National Service, Simplicity Customers must complete and submit C&W's applicable Application Form.
    3. The Agreement is effective from the receipt date of the signed Application Form and continues in force until the Customer provides C&W with thirty (30) days advance written notice of termination of service, or until the Customer enters into a new Agreement, or after the term of the Agreement expires.
    4. Residential Lines, LUS Lines and Payphones are not eligible. Customer accounts categorized as “Residential” are not eligible.
    5. Simplicity National Customers are not required to specify predetermined Telephone Numbers that they wish to call using Simplicity National.
    6. To be eligible for Simplicity National Service, Customers must commit to a minimum one-year term contract.
    7. The Simplicity National Customer will be invoiced monthly, in arrears, for use of the Service.
    8. If the Simplicity National Customer terminates or ceases to be eligible prior to fulfilling their one-year term, the Customer will be charged liquidated damages equal to the difference between the Simplicity National rates he/she received and the standard fixed line rates for Local Calls (see General Tariff Item 201.5) for the contract period, as if they had not had the Simplicity National Service.
  4. Rates
    1. The following rates are applicable when a Simplicity Customer signs up for Simplicity National Service.
      Simplicity Customers Unit Charge (per unit) Unit Duration
      Fixed to Fixed (all locations) $0.09 (first unit(b)) $0.02 (each unit thereafter) 60 seconds
      Fixed to Mobile (all locations) $0.20 60 seconds
      Data (c) $0.05 60 seconds
      1. Usage charges are applicable any time of day, any day of the week and are quoted and billed in per-minute increments.
      2. The first unit includes call set-up.
      3. Data Calls are PSTN dial-up calls to an ISP.
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