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Other PSTN Services

PART B (Item 203)

  1. Payphones
    1. Payphones are stations equipped with a device for collecting coins and/or accepting calling cards in payment for Telephone Service.
    2. The following usage-based charges apply to all Local Calls made from Payphones.
    3. Unit ChargeUnit Duration
      Payphone to Fixed (Grand Cayman to Sister Islands)$0.1020 seconds
      Payphone to Fixed (within Grand Cayman)$0.10 (first three units (a)) $0.03(each unit thereafter)60 seconds
      Payphone to Fixed (between Sister Islands)$0.10 (first unit (a)) $0.09 (each unit thereafter)180 seconds
      Payphone to Fixed (within Sister Islands)$0.103600 seconds (i.e.60 minutes)
      Payphone to Mobile$0.28 (first unit(a)) $0.26 (each unit thereafter)60 seconds

      (a) includes call set-up.

  2. Local Toll-free Service
    1. This item is subject to the terms and provisions of Part A of this Tariff.
    2. Local Toll-free Service reverses Local Call Charges. Charges for incoming Local Calls are paid by the Customer and billed to the Customer's local Tollfree Number. Charges for Local Calls to the local Tollfree Number are not paid by the Calling Party.
    3. Customers are assigned a number from the 1-800-534-XXXX number range. Only calls originating in the Cayman Islands will be completed.
    4. As an exception to Item 203.2(3), some Customers have been assigned 2-800 Numbers. 2-800 Numbers are only available to existing Customers of this service and are not available to new Customers. 2- 800 Numbers will be discontinued by July 9, 2006.
    5. Local Toll-free service is provided on a Telephone Line, and can be provided on either an existing or a new Telephone Line, at the Customer’s option. Separate charges apply for the Fixed Line (see General Tariff Item 201.4 for rates and charges) and for the Local Tollfree Service (see below).
    6. The Telephone Line used for Local Tollfree Service can be used to:
      1. make Calls, at the rates set out in General Tariff Item 201.5; and
      2. receive Calls, free of charge to the called party, as long as the Calling Party has dialed the regular Telephone Number (i.e., not the Tollfree Number) assigned to the Telephone Line, independently of the Local Tollfree Service.
    7. In addition to the monthly line rental for the Telephone Line, the following rates and charges also apply:
      InstallationMonthly Charge
      LocationUsage Charges
      within Grand Cayman9¢ first 3 mins 3¢ each add'l min
      within Sister Island9¢ first 3 mins 3¢ each add'l min
      Grand Cayman and Sister Island3¢ per 6.7 secs
      Between Sister Islands9¢ per 3 mins

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