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Basic Telecommunications Services

PART B (Item 201)

  1. Service Description
    1. This item is subject to the terms and provisions of Part A of this Tariff.
    2. Basic Telecommunications Services includes an access component – Telephone Line Rental service - and a usage component – Local Calling.
    3. Line Rental service is the rental of one Telephone Line. A monthly charge, as set out in sub-item 5 shall apply.
    4. Local Calling allows Customers to make and receive Local Calls. Local Calls are charged on a usage-basis, as set out in sub-item 5 below. The Calling Party pays for Local Calls.
    5. The Customer is entitled to one free copy of the Telephone Directory for each Telephone Line rented, as long as C&W has directories in stock.
  2. Definitions

    "Basic Telecommunications Service Application" is the C&W Application for Basic Telecommunications Service.

    “Call Set-up” is the process by which the switch provides dial tone to the calling party, and receives and analyses the dialed digits, connects to required number and provides ringing tone to the called party.

    “Ceased for Nonpayment” occurs when an account is unpaid and is suspended permanently, this cessation is initiated by C&W and not by the customer.

    "Telephone Line Rental" is the rental of a Telephone Line.

  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. To apply for Basic Telecommunications Services, new Customers must complete and submit C&W's applicable Basic Telecommunications Services Application. Completed Basic Telecommunications Services Applications can be submitted to the following C&W sales offices: Anderson Square, Galleria Plaza or Stake Bay. A passport or some other form of identification is required.
    2. Customers wishing to cease Service, temporarily cease Service, or transfer their Service to another Service Address must complete and submit C&W’s applicable Basic Telecommunications Services Change to Existing Service Form.
    3. Customers shall pay one-time charges for the following Services associated with Basic Telecommunications Services: installation, maintenance, repair, and reconnection. These charges are set out in sub-item 4(b).
    4. Reconnection fees and installation charges are billed, and payable, on the following month's bill.
    5. Maintenance and repair services on C&W-provided equipment and external network, (excluding single line customer premises equipment) are included in the monthly rental fee. Internal wire repair services can be obtained from Cable & Wireless on a term basis for residential customers or on-demand basis for both residential and business customers, (see sub-item 4 (b)) or from another contractor.
    6. Where a customer has or would like to obtain service from C&W but does not have a Telephone Line associated with the service, the same deposit as the applicable customer category and classification is required.
  4. Telephone Line Rental Rates
    1. The following monthly charges and deposits apply per Telephone line.
      Customer CategoriesCustomer ClassificationDeposit Amount Required per Telephone LineMonthly Charges per Telephone Line
      ResidentialExisting - for Telephone Lines added after 01 November 2007$200$18.00
      ResidentialCeased for Non_Payment/Acount in arrears for > 90 days$300.00$18.00
      Busines Sole TraderNew$350.00$30.00
      Business Sole TraderExisting$350.00$30.00
      Business Sole TraderCeased for Non_Payment/Acount in arrears for > 90 days$525.00$30.00
      Business Limited Company or Other formNew$500.00$30.00
      Business Limited Company or Other formExisting$500.00$30.00
      Business Limited Company or Other formCeased for Non_Payment/Acount in arrears for > 90 days$750.00$30.00
      Business Exempt Company (Trading Outside of the Cayman Islands)New$1,000.00$30.00
      Business Exempt Company (Trading Outside of the Cayman Islands)Existing$1,000.00$30.00
      Business Exempt Company (Trading Outside of the Cayman Islands)Ceased for Non_Payment/Acount in arrears for > 90 days$1,500.00$30.00
      GovernmentCeased for Non_Payment/Acount in arrears for > 90 days$500.00$30.00
      1. Deposit payments are acceptable via cash, cheque, credit or debit cards
      2. Direct Debit accounts will have Direct Debit removed if more than two Direct Debit payments are returned from the bank within a 12- month period.
      3. A higher deposit is required to reactivate a service or account Ceased for Non-payment or one that is in arrears for greater than 90 days (see table).
      4. A customer who is returning to reactivate service, after having been Ceased for Nonpayment, must use cash as the deposit payment. However, he may sign up for subsequent payments to be made via Direct Debit.
      5. A customer who was charged a higher deposit for reasons of having a ceased account or an account in arrears for greater than 90 days, will be charged the deposit applicable to an existing service, once he or she has been keeping their account current in the last 12 months.
      6. Customers’ accounts will be regularly reviewed and accounts found to be in arrears for greater than 90 days will be required to pay the deposit amount as indicated in the deposit requirement schedule above.
      7. Existing Residential customers who used Direct Debit as an alternative to paying a deposit as of 01 November 2007 are not required to pay the deposit amount unless Direct Debit is removed from the account, Telephone Lines are added to the account, the account is Ceased for non-payment, or the account is in arrears for greater than 90 days.
    2. Installation, Reconnection and Other Charges
      1. The following one-time rates and charges apply.
        Residential Business and Government$40.00$10.00
      2. The following charges are applicable for repairs, not covered by the Internal Wire Service plan.
        Standard Working Hours(a)After Hours(b)Weekend(c)
        1. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m; Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
        2. Monday to Friday, 4:46 p.m. to 7:59 a.m., Friday: 4:01 p.m. to 8:14 a.m.
        3. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
  5. Local Call Rates

    The charges apply to the Calling Party only.

    Unit ChargeUnit Duration
    Residential and Business Customers
    Fixed to Fixed (all locations)$0.09 (first unit(a)) $0.02 (each unit thereafter)60 seconds
    Fixed to Mobile (all locations)$0.27 per unit60 seconds
    Data (b)$0.0560 seconds
    1. includes call set-up.
    2. Data Calls are PSTN dial up calls to an ISP.

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