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Postpaid Mobile MyRoaming Terms and conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to Flow's postpaid mobile roaming plans called MyRoaming trade;.
  2. Flow's MyRoaming postpaid mobile plans allow Flow customers travelling to the continental United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) to roam on Flow's partner networks in those territories at reduced prices. MyRoaming plan covers continental US, Puerto Rico, USVI, mainland UK, Canada and Bahamas
  3. The MyRoaming base plan can be added to any Flow postpaid mobile plan, and to any mobile handset.
  4. In order to subscribe to the MyRoaming base plan, customers must first subscribe to a regular Flow postpaid mobile plan; and in order to subscribe to a MyRoaming data bolt-on, customers must first subscribe to the MyRoaming base plan.
  5. The MyRoaming base plan is a monthly roaming plan that includes a preset allowance of mobile voice minutes, texts and data for usage while customers are roaming. Customers then have the option of adding additional MyRoaming data bolt-on plans that provide additional data allowance as per the customer's roaming needs. A customer cannot, however, add the same bolt on twice within the same billing period.
  6. MyRoaming plans are available to residential, business and enterprise customers and the minimum contract term is 30 days.
  7. When base plan and bolt on allowances are exhausted, additional voice minutes, texts or data used will be billed at Flow's published out of plan prices. These prices are reduced compared to the standard pay-as-you-go rates available to non-MyRoaming plan customers.
  8. All in and out of bundle minutes will be charged on a per minute basis.
  9. Customers will be billed monthly based on the monthly recurring charge for the combination of the base plan and any additional bolt ons they have subscribed to. All prices are quoted in local currency unless otherwise stated.
  10. MyRoaming customers will be allowed free incoming calls while roaming.
  11. Calls to home means calls back to the customer's home (subscribing) country in the Caribbean.
  12. MyRoaming plans do not include calls to any other destination (only calls to home or within the roaming country). Calls to other destinations will be billed at Flow's standard prices.
  13. Customers can subscribe to the MyRoaming base plan and optional data bolt-ons at any time, but charges will not be prorated for partial months.
  14. At home, customers can subscribe to MyRoaming plans by visiting any Flow retail store or by calling Flow's customer care center (by dialing 100 or 1800-804-2994). While in the continental United States, Puerto Rico or USVI, customers can subscribe by calling the customer care center as above.
  15. Customers who wish to know their usage or remaining balance on minutes, texts and/or data must call Flow's customer care center (by dialing 100 or 1800-804-2994). Please note, however, that balances received from Flow's customer care center will not be real-time and customers should allow thirty (30) days for their total usage to be updated on their account.
  16. The allocations of voice, text and data in the MyRoaming plans do not rollover.
  17. Allowances within MyRoaming plans are specific to one service number only; they cannot be shared between different users in the same account.
  18. Term discounts do not apply to MyRoaming base plans, bolt-ons or usage charges.
  19. A customer can unsubscribe from the MyRoaming base plan and/or a MyRoaming data bolt-on at any time by visiting any Flow retail store or by calling Flow's customer care center. Charges will not be prorated, and no rebate or refund will be paid by Flow, for partial months (customers will still be charged the full monthly price for the plan). If the MyRoaming base plan is ceased then any MyRoaming bolt-on will also be cancelled.
  20. Customers are reminded that roaming charges may appear on their Flow bill even after their plan has been terminated based on when the billing records are received from the overseas roaming operator. Customers continue to be responsible for all charges incurred on their account while roaming.
  21. Customers should also refer to Flow's Mobile Service and Mobile Data Service Terms and Conditions for additional terms and conditions applicable to their postpaid mobile service.
  22. To assist customers in fully understanding how MyRoaming plans work, Flow has also published frequently asked questions relating to MyRoaming on its roaming web page.
 Included In Monthly ChargeAdditional Usage Charges
My Roaming Plan USA / CANKYDVoiceTextDataVoiceVoiceVoiceVoiceTextData
MonthlyCall USA / CAN or Call LIMEText AnywhereRoaming data usageReceive callsCall to homeCall to USA / CANCall AnywhereText anywhereRoaming data usage
    Per MinPer MinPer MinPer MinPer SMSPer Mbyte
MyRoaming Base Plan19.953030300.000.410.290.820.160.41
MyRoaming Data 500MB4100500     0.41
MyRoaming Data 1GB61001000     0.41
  • Compatible with all My Plans and legacy mobile plans
  • Plans are per service and not sharable.
  • Plans must be activated before arriving in the country they are traveling to  as the rates are real-time billing and cannot be backdated
  • MyRoam base plan is required to get MyRoam data bolt on
    • 500MB data bolt on special - $41
    • 1GB data bolt an special -$61
  • Monthly rental not prorated ie 1 week or month — price is the same
  • Incoming calls are free
  • Bundles apply while roaming in the continental United States, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico and USVI.
  • 30 minutes are for calls to Flow numbers back home and calls to the country you are roaming in

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