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We provide you everything you need to connect you up to Superfast Broadband.


If your existing Modem is not compatible, our technician will upgrade your Modem - Free of charge!


  • Everyone in range of the modem`s WiFi signal can connect to Superfast Broadband at the same time
  • Connect the whole house to share access to files, printers and other devices

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You don't need to be at home to enjoy superfast internet


With a 4G LTE MiFi and a mobile internet data plan you`ll be online, anywhere, anytime. Perfect for light internet use like sending emails, checking Facebook or hosting external business meetings. Up to ten people can connect to one 4G LTE Mifi at any one time.


Powered by our Superfast 4G LTE Network, you get 100% coverage wherever you are on Cayman's #1 Network.



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